Gambling with Your Diet

Firstly, can we take a moment of appreciation for these die??

How cool are they?!

Ok. It’s all about macros people.

You can train 6 days a week. You can eat ‘clean’ for most of it. But if you don’t know, and more importantly understand what macronutrients your body requires to fuel these committed days – you’ll burn out, defeated with minimal results.

Each person’s requirements are different. Same goes with goals. And with each individual and goal comes a different set of macros.

I’ve seen many a strict diet/health fad that’s left athletes starving, depleted and lost – wondering where their 5-6 days of hard work are going and when on earth it will all end. It shouldn’t be excruciatingly hard and you need to be able to sustain it in order to incorporate it as a lifestyle. Not every body is an athlete or prepping for a show 365 days a year.

With the wonderful world of counting macros and 'flexible dieting' – no two days have to be the same and with some simple education – you can build and implement how to feed your body what it needs to get you where YOU want to go. And stay there for longer.

Fail to plan. Plan to fail.

Simple. So as always…holla at me if you need some help.

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