Sweating the Small Stuff

As a long time advocate…my newest obsession is obtaining one and stuffing it any where it will fit in my house. I’ve been using infrared saunas for years but after doing the numbers in how many sessions I’ve had – I really should have invested in one a long time ago.

Apart from feeling incomparably refreshed, there are endless benefits to FIRS (far infrared sauna) use. My favourite is that they are a great way to burn serious calories!

In summary, the experts at my favourite clinic Perth Colon Health & Wellness say FIRS…

  • Are far friendlier than a traditional sauna – they’re safer, there’s no hot surfaces and temperature is 30-40 less than a traditional sauna, like natural sunlight.

  • Enable a deeper detoxification and you’ll sweat quicker and more, meaning more expulsion of waste materials and toxins!

  • Relieves and reduces pain from arthritis, sprains, strains and sore muscles – perfect post workout zen.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s all roses when you step in and get acclimatised - particularly splendid when it’s Winter. But after 15-20 mins it starts getting real warm. My first experience was spotted with panic – small, confined space, unknown heat tolerance and complete loss of time (and again space). It was only a 30 min session but I was counting down the last 10 mins. This session taught me that even for just 30 minutes – I didn’t know how to relax. Each session thereafter taught me the patience to calm my mind and to just simply enjoy these 30 whole minutes to myself!

If you haven't already tried it - book a session and tell me how much you LOVED IT!

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