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Weight Loss in 3 Training Days?

In world that grows busier by the day – it can feel near impossible to commit to the type of daily exercise needed for a trainer-approved routine, regardless what goals you’re training for.

Rather than beat yourself up over not being able to devote to a daily gym regimen, it’s more productive to find a way to squeeze at least some kind of workout into your busy schedule!

While you might not reach Olympic-levels of fitness this way, the most efficient – and more importantly, the most effective way to reach your weight-loss goals is to work out at least three days per week with at least two full-body strength training days and one day of cardio.

When you do get to the gym, these 3 tips are gospel in getting the most out of those 3 sessions.

  1. Get it done FIRST thing! If you had a dollar for all those times you booked yourself in for a sweat sesh after work that didn’t happen – we wouldn’t be having this conversation. As the day progresses, the chances of working back late, detouring for errands (and generally any excuse to dive into that couch) increases. With the natural drop in energy levels over the course of the day, your best bet in rocking a solid workout is after some zzz’s, when your energy level is refreshed and at its highest.

  2. HIIT it hard – Who has the time for hours of steady-state jogging on the treadmill when you can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time plus keep burning them for up to 24 hours afterwards?! Interval training — or even better, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) — is much more effective for losing weight than steady-state cardio. Replace your morning jog with some 30 second sprints!

  3. Lift some heavy s**t. There is bottomless research that shows strength training helps you more efficiently tap into your fat stores so get off that bike and replace your phone with some dumbells!

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