• Nissan Essery-Pangallo

We Did It!

On Monday we opened the doors to our dream fitness club in Malaga to our favourite fitpeeps - YOU!

A big thanks to Noah and the boys at Dynamo Fitness for your AMAZING equipment, flooring, help and service - we look forward to getting more pieces of torture, I mean equipment from you soon.

The biggest thank you goes to my husband Craig, who is the most handy of all men. Your 12 hour days at work extended into midnight every night last week to get this club looking the part. Thank you for literally making our dream club into a reality.

It's been a fantastic week so far introducing you all to new toys and equipment (that you all already love/hate) - we're ready to take your training to new levels.

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0416 817 375

Unit 10 / 11 Exchange Road, MALAGA WA 6090

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