• Nissan Essery-Pangallo

Strategies Out of Weekend Bingeing

Updated: Jul 30

1️⃣ Aim for “good enough” instead of “perfect”.
The decent method you follow is better than the “perfect” one you quit.
2️⃣ Let go of your food rules.
Food rules tell you:
  • what you can and can’t eat

  • when you can or can’t eat it

  • how you can or can’t eat it

  • and/or how much you can or can’t have

Ditch the rules and let hunger be your guide.
3️⃣ Give up your “Cheat Days”
What and when you eat is up to you - your hunger and fullness cues. No matter what day of the week it is.
4️⃣ Own your choices (Really. Own them)

In the end, own your choices: Don’t moralize them. You’re free to eat and drink anything you want. You choose your behavior.

Just remember that different choices produce different outcomes.

It’s your call.

5️⃣ Stop rationalizing

Sometimes, you’ll want to eat crap. And too much of it. That’s normal.

But instead of falling back on the tired victim-of-circumstance narrative, take the opportunity to ask yourself what’s really going on.

Are you bored? Stressed? Sad? Happy?

Do this over and over and over, and you’ll start to see some patterns. That’s your pot of gold. It’s your opportunity to change overeating behavior — and do something else to address those emotions instead of bingeing.


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